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Super Quiz: Original is the first of a series of apps based on the syndicated Super Quiz by Ken Fisher.

Almost every day, a new quiz will be available for the app to download and test your knowledge of several categories including Science, History, Literature, Geography, and many more!

Super Quiz: Original has two options.   Go directly to today's quiz or review the history of quizzes saved by the app.   The Archive will automatically download the last 30 day's quizzes.

Selecting a quiz will present the question screen.  Tap the Example Question button on the upper left to see what type of questions you can expect from this quiz.

A green question is one that you've already answered correctly.

A Red question is one that you've already answered incorrectly.

A White question is one that you have not yet answered.

When the question is presented, if the entire question isn't visible, you may scroll down to see the rest of the question.

After you've answered the question, tap on one of the arrow buttons or just swipe across the screen to see the answer.   If the answer you chose was correct, press the green Check button.  If the answer you chose was incorrect, press the red X button.

Once you have answered all the questions, you will be presented with your score.   You will also have the option to clear your score so someone else can play.

Super Quiz is a registered trademark of
K. Fisher Enterprises Ltd